The vintage web

by Andreas Nylin 13. May 2009 21:06
Check out The Vintage Web site to have a look at the dinosaurs of the Internet age. Beware of old school web design with centered blinking content, fire animations and sound effects.

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Today is CSS Naked Day!

by Anders 9. April 2009 09:16
Our blog is naked today. The idea is to promote web standards and to show off your <body>! Read more about Naked '09.


General praised on IDG

by Johan Driessen 20. January 2009 17:03

When you're working in this line of business, developing web sites, that is, you're not that used to praise. Once a web site has been launched, most of what you hear is bugs and new feature requests. But once in a while we get the praise we deserve! :-)

Today the swedish magazine internetworld published a review of the public web sites for 6 of Sweden's largest unions. The site I have been working on,, got 9/10, and a splendid review, the title of which reads "Good looking and smart in a modern suit".

I worked on pretty most of 2007 as a Scrum master and systems architect. It was one of our first real Scrum projects here on Dropit, and I dare say one of the most successful ones so far. One the most important reasons for that was that we had a great Product owner (Karin), but also that we were a very good and dedicated team (you know who you are!). Dropit was responsible for the whole delivery, so we worked both with the conceptual and graphical design as well as with the technical implementation. The site is based on EPiServer 4.62 and our internal framework Foundation.

We had the privilege of having the whole team sitting together with the customer, which wasn't the standard way to do it for us back then. Since then we are advocating this more and more, since the collaboration with the customer really improved. It was also a technically challenging project, as we were heaviliy dependent on the SOA infrastructure being developed simultaneously, and we even had to work on New Year's Day to make the launch. But it really paid off, and it's extra fun for this to get recognized on!

So once again, thanks to all the people that worked so hard to create!

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Little big Planet does Duck Hunt

by Anders 19. January 2009 15:18

A lot have been written about the excellent game Little Big Planet. No need to say it all again here, let's just say that you really should buy it. I played through the game when I got it a couple of months ago and started to browse the user created levels. I found this gem:

I bet that must people that played Nintendo in the eighties remember Duck Hunt. Here you have it recreated in all it's glory. It even has the dog that laughs at you when you miss a duck. The dog has been named one of the most hated video game characters of all time. Unfortunately this level has been deleted by Sony due to copyright issues, they don't own the IP. But, by playing the Duck Hunt level in Little Big Planet I really had a chance to relive some traumatic childhood memories.

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