Developer Lunch: An Introduction to Microsoft F#

by magnus.wachenfeldt 14. January 2010 12:59

So, it was my turn to pick a video for our weekly developer lunch. I am not generally a fan of technical videos, but sometimes you find great ones.

This one however was really worth my time. An Introduction to Microsoft F# by Luca Bolognese, Microsoft's answer to Cristian Libardo. Competently and with a great sense of humor, he guides you through the basics of F# and proceeds to create a real world application for those still doubting the power and usefulness of F#.

A common misconception is that functional programming languages are strange, hard to learn and overly mathematical. This is very far from the truth. As Luca points out in the video, F# is much closer to how you actually think about a problem. I will not repeat what he is saying in the video - just make one hour free and watch it!

An Introduction to Microsoft F#
Microsoft F# Developer Center
Luca Bolognese's WebLog

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Developer lunch: C# 4.0 Dynamic with Chris Burrows and Sam Ng

by benny.stralberg 20. October 2009 12:19

While looking for interesting things to show I found quite a few interesting videos. Unfortunately almost all of them were way too long. I ended up with a video about C# 4.0 and the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR). If I had watched the video before showing it I would have noticed that it lacked any kind of demonstrations, but in the end I found it interesting.

C# 4.0 Dynamic with Chris Burrows and Sam Ng

Here are a few links to browse through if interested, and of course, searching for "C# DLR" in your favorite search provider will provide you with lots of more information and samples.
Dynamic Language Runtime Overview
Using Type dynamic (C# Programming Guide)
CodePlex Page for Dynamic Language Runtime

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